Long before his introduction to the Tiki sub-culture, Doc Parks was collaborating with Artists and Musicians to create good times.

Before moving from San Diego to the Bay Area and making a name for himself in the San Francisco Bar Scene, Doc ran a production company, curated art shows, managed tasting rooms, and played in bands. He was always a creative, and surrounded himself with like-minded people. In 2011, craft cocktails and bar builds were his medium of choice. In the coming years, Pagan Idol and Zombie Village would be brought to fruition, with Doc Parks at the helm. Both bars commanded the attention of restauranteurs and bar owners from around the country who sought out his expertise for their own projects. This prompted Doc to found DDP Hospitality Consulting. During the Covid-19 pandemic, a consulting client would make him an offer, pulling him from the City by the Bay to Napa Valley - one of the most famous and prestigious wine regions in the new world.....to run a tiki bar, of course! Today, Doc Parks is the General Manager of Wilfred's Lounge in Downtown Napa.

Some may say the bars that Doc Parks concepted and managed for the Future Bars Group in San Francisco stand as his magnum opus. He would respectfully disagree. Doc would argue that his greatest work is yet to come, and that is why he founded Doc Parks Designs. He is passionate about bringing his ideas to life, and he has A LOT of them. This platform will not only serve as a space where his ideas can materialize, but all sales made from Doc Parks Designs merchandise will go towards funding his next great escape!